How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps?

How Does Machine Learning Work? Machine learning is based on the implementation of artificial neural networks, which are actively used both in applications for everyday life (for example, those that recognize human speech) and in scientific software. These allow for conducting diagnostic tests or exploring various biological and synthetic materials. In turn, artificial neural networks … Read more How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps?

Best way to learn a new technology

Free learning Official Documentation: Great as a reference guide. Usually all the features are documented and act as use case reminders. Not the best place to learn a technology from scratch (mostly). If learning a small 3rd party library, the documentation alone might be enough though. YouTube Videos: YouTube I think redefined the way we … Read more Best way to learn a new technology

How to secure network ?

Secure networking ensures that the network is available to perform its appointed task by protecting it from attacks originating inside and outside the organization. Traditional thinking equates this to a handful of specific requirements, including user authentication, user device protection and point solutions. however, the move to convergence, together with greater workforce mobility, exposes networks … Read more How to secure network ?

Operating System Design

Operating System Design and implementation This series of books is designed for the 32-bit x86 style platform, including Intel and AMD architectures. Volume 1: The System Core Includes source and documentation for the boot process, BIOS information, moving to Protected Mode, memory allocation, a Round Robin style Single Tasking, Multi-threading Scheduler, as well as quirks … Read more Operating System Design

How Smart Technology Can Threaten Your Business’s Security

How can you secure your Internet of Things technology? Security is the biggest risk factor when incorporating IoT technology into your business. Some factors you should take into consideration before committing to an IoT upgrade: Hacking The most widespread IoT fear also happens to be the most rampant. If there’s a security loophole in a … Read more How Smart Technology Can Threaten Your Business’s Security

WordPress Security 2020: Secure Your Site Against Hackers!

Don’t think website security isn’t important. Cyber-criminals are out there using sophisticated software to scan the internet for any type of vulnerable website. Hackers don’t care if your website is big, small, a non-profit, or profit making. A hacked website is worth money to them as they can either extort money from a website owner, … Read more WordPress Security 2020: Secure Your Site Against Hackers!

Social Network Analysis Tutorial

Definition – What does Social Network Analysis (SNA) mean? Social network analysis (SNA) is a process of quantitative and qualitative analysis of a social network. SNA measures and maps the flow of relationships and relationship changes between knowledge-possessing entities. Simple and complex entities include websites, computers, animals, humans, groups, organizations and nations. The SNA structure … Read more Social Network Analysis Tutorial